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Buy clubs direct from Aluma Cast Inc.,  the leading source of high quality Driving Range Golf Clubs in the country for 30 years.  We offer clubs for men, women and children that are durable and designed to handle day to day use on your range.  All clubs heads are made of cast aluminum and pinned for extra strength.  The iron shaft is reinforced with a wooden dowel to sustain constant use and to maximize longevity.  Our clubs are powder coated, not painted and are available in different lengths to suit your needs.  

Golf Club Repairs

We are happy to repair your broken Alumacast clubs as an alternative to buying new ones.  Please email or call us at (508)399-6650 to inquire about our expert repair services.  

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Proudly MADE in the USA
Standard Lengths:

Men's- 43".........(Black)
Women's- 41".....(Blue)
Children's-  30"-35"
(Rights are black, Lefts are blue for easy recognition)


Men’s Black Powder Coated : $30.00 ea.

Women's Blue Powder Coated: $30.00 ea.

Children’s R-Black, L-Blue  Powder Coated:  $23.00 ea.

*All clubs are also available unpainted, please call for pricing.


New shaft with new grip on Aluma Cast head: $21.00 ea. for Men's or Women's

                                                                          $16.00 ea. for Children's


Return broken heads for repair to:

 Aluma Cast 

 136 May St.

 North Attleboro, MA  02760